Sea Studios Wins New Client

New Client Update: is in the process on filming a dating video with Sea studios. This video is aimed at men and will show men how to meet women in a nightclub. It will teach men how to approach a women and what to say to her in order to gain her attention. It will also teach men how to dress and what to wear in order to look attractive to the opposite sex. has realized that some men has problems when going into nightclubs, as they don’t have the right knowledge. Also nightclubs can be an intimidating place for some men and this video will help them get over any anxieties that they have when in clubs, so that they have concentrate on meeting women.

The video will also cover many questions that men may have including if you should buy women drinks in a nightclub and if you should ask for their number. This video may also help men that have confidence issues and may need a boost in self-esteem. has managed to get their information by surveying guys who are popular with the ladies.

They have interviewed them and asked them about their various techniques and asked them for any hints and tips. This information is also available in the dating guide called Tao of Badass. The video will be filmed in HD by Sea studios and will be edited professionally by Sea studios. The video will be released on the website as soon as possible.